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Ciara, 'Got Me Good' -- New Song


Ciara is back with a blast: her brand new dance anthem, 'Got Me Good.' The single is the second off her upcoming fifth studio album, 'One Woman Army.' It's the first single since 'Sorry' was released last September.

The song is one of the most upbeat and feel-good pop songs of the year, featuring elements of R&B and dance. It may be Ciara's biggest hit since '1, 2 Step,' although this song is much more powerful. The advanced, club-like production beats help carry the song and were overseen by producers Dark Child and Tommy Parker. Ciara's tempo is much quicker than much of her other hits, which flows well with the club-banging beat. The fun-loving dance single is simply about being happy in a relationship. "Nobody can make me feel, make me feel so right, nobody but you."

'One Woman Army' is expected to be released sometime early in 2013. For now, fans can listen 'Got Me Good' right now on AOL Radio's New Pop First.

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