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Ciara, 'Sorry' -- New Song


R&B recording artist Ciara recently released her lead single off of her upcoming fifth album 'One Woman Army.' 'Sorry' was written by Ciara, Elvis Williams, and Jasper Cameron. Cameron previously worked with Ciara on her 2006 hit song 'Promise.'

Ciara, who is well known for many top-charting hits including 'Goodies' and '1,2, Step' has released one of her most personal songs to date. The ballad is about a past relationship that went poorly and tells a biographical tale of some of the events during the rough times and ending of the relationship. Ciara's vocals are very strong here and continue to seemingly get better and more polished with each record. This is perhaps because Ciara told Essence that she has "evolved as a woman" especially with this song. She added, "I literally had to stop myself from crying when I was writing it. I wanted to just go and vent and be free in my music." One can definitely recognize this emotion in the soft-tempo song. Ciara sings, "And I tried to fight and I cried to god oh please let it just work."

'One Woman Army' is expected to be released in the winter of this year. The album's promotional single 'Sweat' featuring 2 Chainz will be on the final product, as well as an untitled song featuring Rick Ross and other collaborations.. You can listen to 'Sorry' right now on AOL Radio's New R&B First.

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