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Deadmau5, 'Professional Griefers' -- New Song


For the third single off his upcoming album, 'Album Title Goes Here,' Canadian electronic music producer deadmau5 teamed up with Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. Way provides vocals on the vocal mix of 'Professional Griefers.'

Deadmau5 is building off the success of his last studio album, '4x4=12,' which provided breakthrough commercial success for deadmau5, who's music appealed to a large, diverse group of people. He continues his success with 'Professional Griefers,' which includes strong beats, distorted guitars, and a powerful bass groove. Way's unique punk-like rock voice works well here and provides a nice backdrop to the electronic, rock anthem. Although the song is a head-banging dance track, Way's lyrics are deep and provide a wave of darkness to the song. In the catchy, infectious chorus, Way sings: "Gimme the sound, to see another world outside that's full of all the broken things that I made."

'Album Title Goes Here,' is scheduled to be released in the United States on September 25. The record will be the sixth studio album for deadmau5. Listen to 'Professional Griefers' right now on AOL Radio's Top Dance.

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