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Eve 6, 'Victoria' -- New Song


'Victoria' s the latest single from Eve 6 and is featured on the band's upcoming fourth studio album titled 'Speak In Code.' It's safe to say that the road for Eve 6 has been a long and rocky one, but after eight years since they parted ways in 2004, fans have a new album to look forward too.

Eve 6's 'Victoria' focuses on the one that went away and really never came back. The girl who said she would call, but didn't, and let the night life sweep her away. Most people can relate to this story, and Eve 6 adds some twisted humor throughout 'Victoria' to shape how ridiculous this sometimes true story is. For the band, it is easy to hear that the creative energy is back and the band is focused on doing right by their fans who have waited so long for a new album.

Catch the first single off 'Lost & Found' on AOL Radio's New Alternative First station.

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