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Far East Movement, 'For All' -- New Song

Interscope Records

Asian-American hip-hop and electronic quartet Far East Movement has released their newest single 'For All.' It's the band's first single since they released four from their 2012 album 'Dirty Bass.'

Far East Movement has written a pop anthem, "for all." Most famous for their breakthrough single, 'Like a G6,' Far East Movement has released a song that should have a strong appeal across all platforms of music. It's different than their previous work, with less electronic beats in the background and a stronger focus on the inspirational lyrics. It may remind some people of the Black Eyed Peas breakout hit 'Where Is The Love?" It has a similar, catchy chorus mixed in with uplifting verses about staying strong through hard times and cherishing all of life's good moments. The band sings that this song is for everyone: "Love is for all/life is for all/dreams are for all/hope is for all."

The band has added that the song is inspired by President Obama's 'Forward Campaign.' The band recently performed at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. You can hear 'For All' right now on AOL Radio's New Pop First.

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