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Flyleaf, 'New Horizons' -- New Song


Alternative hard rockers Flyleaf is set to release 'New Horizons' their third studio album, which will feature the lead single of the same name.

The catchy new single is an inspirational track that includes elements fans will love. The song does however show how the band is evolving, and includes trading guitar riffs and sing-out-loud type lyrics. Bassist Pat Seals, who has a roaring bass rift through the song as well, tells Loudwire that the song is "definitely one of our best and most joyful songs." He added that the song expresses "a feeling of looking toward the unknown future with hope." "Wait until I fly," joyfully exclaims lead singer Lacey Strum, throughout the song--a line that is sure to be repeated by many fans.

'New Horizons' is the first album released by Flyleaf, since 'Memento Mori,' in 2009. They began working on the album in February of last year and no time table is set for the release date. While you wait, you can check out 'New Horizons' right now on AOL Radio's New Alternative First.

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