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Foxy Shazam, 'I Like It' -- New Song

Warner Bros.

Foxy Shazam -- a six piece band from Cincinnati, Ohio -- returns with the first release from the return voyage of I.R.S. Records. The sound is a hybrid of pop, rock and soul, and all three are on display on their latest single, 'I Like It,' from the album, 'The Church Of Rock N' Roll,' which was produced by The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins. Hawkins influence is felt throughout the record, along with the broad musical background of Foxy Shazams members. The band is made up six self-proclaimed "Rabble-Rousing Freaks" in Eric Nally, Sky White, Daisy, Loren Turner, Alex Nauth, and Aaron McVeigh. All six have taken unique musical journeys that find their way into the music of Foxy Shazam, from classical music, heavy metal and even soul.

'I Like It' is a theatrical guide through the youth of frontman Eric Nally, who was one of only two white students in his high school. 'I Like It' starts with the lyrics "Big magic woman, oh you got me under your spell." Nally is smitten but the song takes you deeper to show you the object of his affections is a woman that mesmerizes him as he watches from afar. The song will go into even greater detail along the way of the traits he loves most.

Take the journey into Foxy Shazam's album 'The Church Of Rock N' Roll' now on New Alternative First with 'I Like It.'

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