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Green Day, 'Let Yourself Go' -- New Song


At this rate, punk rock band Green Day is going to release more music over the next few months than some artists release in a lifetime. Their latest single 'Let Yourself Go' is the second American single (third overall) off '¡Uno! 'which is set to be released later this month. ¡Uno!' is the first of three albums that will be released from the band through January 2013.

'Let Yourself Go' is a harder rock song that many Green Day fans are used to -- a song led by an energetic Billy Joe Armstrong. It is more punk than the album's first single, 'Oh Love,' which continues to top the rock charts, and is angrier than the fun, dance-influenced 'Kill the DJ.' Although Green Day's music continues to evolve, this song is as hard as 'American Idiot,' has a killer guitar solo and bass track, and may even remind some of their mid-'90s music. Armstrong sings angrily about someone, proclaiming, "You're getting on my every last nerve / everything you've said I've already heard."

'Let Yourself Go,' was performed last week at the MTV Video Music Awards to an enthusiastic crowd, many of whom joined the band on stage. 'Uno,' will be released on September 25, but the band continues to share more music, making the video for the opening track of the album 'Nuclear Family,' available on Yahoo! '¡Dos!' and '¡Tré!' are supposed to be released over the next few months. For now, you can enjoy their latest single on AOL Radio's New Alternative First.

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