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Green Day, 'X-Kid' -- New Song

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Green Day has released their new single, 'X-Kid,' off their latest studio album, '¡Tré!'. '¡Tré!' is the third album in the recent trilogy released by the band in the past year. The album features more of a pop-punk sound in comparison to '¡Uno!' and '¡Dos!'.

'X-Kid' is a song about a young man that missed out on his childhood. The song may be one of the most lyrically stimulating tracks to come from the album trilogy. "Hey, little kid/did you wake up late one day?/You're not so young, but you're still dumb/and you're numb to your old glory/but now it's gone." Combined with the feel-good vibe instrumentally, the track seems to balance out through the juxtaposition. Though the bands upcoming tour has been rescheduled due to Billie Joe Armstrong checking into rehab, fans are still excited from the continued success of the California punk rockers.

'¡Tré!' is available in stores and as a digital download now. The band also released a behind-the-scenes documentary film entitled '¡Quatro!' on YouTube in the beginning of December. Green Day fans can check out 'X-Kid' on AOL Radio's New Rock First station.

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