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Hollywood Undead, 'We Are' -- New Song


Los Angeles rap rock group, Hollywood Undead, has released their new single off their upcoming third studio album, 'Notes From The Underground.' 'We Are' is the first official single off the new album. It's release came shortly after the promotional single, 'Dead Bite,' was released online for free download on the bands website.

After the successful release of the bands second album, 'American Tragedy,' Hollywood Undead has wasted no time getting to work on 'Notes From The Underground.' Known for their wide range of sound through their genres, Hollywood Undead lightens things up with 'We Are.' Though the power and energy is still there through the very expressive and emotional lyrics, the song has more of an alternative rock sound than the expected rap rock vibe. The chorus drives home the emotion of feeling lost and broken. "We are, we are, we are made from broken parts/We are, we are, we are broken from the start/Our hearts, our hearts, they were beating in the dark/We are, we're, we are built from broken parts." Fans don't have any reason to jump ship though... The hardcore side of Hollywood Undead is still alive in their lyrics. "So grab a pick and an axe, 'cause we try, we cry/Into the bottle of Jack we die, inside/So when you look in his eyes, whatcha see now/Murder the monster you've made, and watch him bleed out." Though many critics were critical on the lyrics on 'American Tragedy,' 'We Are' provides a phenomenal retort to the criticism. Expect big things from Hollywood Undead with their new hit.

'We Are' is available for digital download now. No official release date has been specified for 'Notes From The Underground,' but rumors are pointing towards a January 2013 release. Fans can check out the new single on AOL Radio's New Alternative First station.

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