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Hot Chelle Rae, 'Hung Up' -- New Song


Hot Chelle Rae has released their new single 'Hung Up' off their upcoming third studio album. It's their first album single since 'Honestly' in 2012.

The pop band is most famous for their 2011 single 'Tonight Tonight.' 'Hung Up' is very similar to that hit, with a bubble-gum pop and party-like feel. It's quite the catchy tune, with an infectious, sing-along chorus that is similar to their previous works. The up-tempo, fun song sounds comparable to One Direction, but mostly sounds like Hot Chelle Rae themselves. Unlike 'Tonight Tonight,' this song is a romantic, love story about a girl the band is into. The single is pretty much guaranteed to stick in your head. They sing, "You got the style, you got the flavor. I want you now, I want you later."

The band's upcoming album is supposed to be released sometime this year. For now you can get 'hung up' on their latest catchy track on AOL Radio's New Pop First.

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