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Incubus, 'Promises, Promises' -- New Song


Incubus have released 'Promises, Promises,' a new song from the band's forthcoming album, 'If Not Now, When?,' due out on July 12.

The California rockers mellow out with this down-tempo, piano-fronted love song, which incorporates deliberate simple instrumentation to help highlight its strengths, says lead singer Brandon Boyd.

"The song is our homage to the pop songs of yester-morrow," he tells Noisecreep. "Referencing the deservedly ubiquitous artists of our parents' generation, we are here attempting to craft an artisan's clock. A piece that ticks effortlessly on the strength of its good design, its beauty and its simplicity."

He goes on to explain: "Herein a young girl, after so many failed attempts at love, has resigned herself to a road of least resistance, armoring herself against the pain of intimacy by only engaging in surface affairs. Only to meet someone who she CAN trust with her most valued of possessions, her heart. But she can barely recognize what the real thing looks like after so much time running away from it."

'Promises, Promises' follows the release of 'Adolescents,' the first single from the band's seventh studio album. A video for the song will premiere on June 23.

Listen to Incubus' latest release, 'Promises, Promises,' on AOL Radio's New Alternative First station.

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