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Justin Timberlake, 'Mirrors' -- New Song


Justin Timberlake has been everywhere lately, from hosting a star-studded episode of Saturday Night Live, to appearing all week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Although these appearances undoubtedly showed off his acting, Timberlake has been promoting 'The 20/20 Experience' which was released on March 19th. 'Mirrors' is the second single off the album and is eight minutes long.

'Mirrors' echoes Timberlake's earlier solo work, as he has produced another mid-tempo love ballad. However, this song is more emotional than songs like 'My Love' and 'Cry Me a River.' 'Mirrors' shows more lyrical depth, as Timberlake is likely singing about his new wife Jessica Biel. He sings in a triumphant chorus that he is "looking right at the other half of me." The song was produced by Timbaland, who does a good job of mixing in synth-beats and light instrumentals. With these pop-friendly beats and Timberlake's high voice, 'Mirrors' sounds more modern than 'Suit & Tie' and may make fans remember his last album 'FutureSex/Love Sounds.' Ultimately, this may be the stand-out track on his new album and strong proof that the pop sensation is indeed back.

'Mirrors' is one of many songs on the album to be at least six minutes long. The album opens up with 'Pusher Love Girl,' another eight minute R&B track. 'Mirrors' has already topped the UK charts, becoming the longest number one single since Oasis' All Around the World' in 1998. Listen to 'Mirrors' right now on AOL Radio's New Pop First.

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