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Kenny Chesney, 'Pirate Flag' -- New Song

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Kenny Chesney is once again telling his familiar story through his latest single. 'Pirate Flag' is the new single from Chesney's upcoming album and was written by Ross Copperman and David Lee Murphy. Murphy has written other hit singles for Chesney including 'Live a Little.'

Chesney is no stranger to talking about his life, but he has once again made it unique here in 'Pirate Flag.' The song is soft and influenced by many strings, but picks up in the chorus. It's the perfect tune to sing while on a road trip and is about rebelling against the typical, mundane daily work day. The upbeat anthem sounds autobiographical, but should relate to fans who want to escape stress and embrace their own journey. Chesney expanded on this idea (which is likely to be a central theme of his new record) on his website: "This song is all about the freedom and the idea that you can just say 'Enough' even if it's only in your mind, while you're watching your boss's mouth move and are dreaming of whatever gets you off." To him, the song represents "the part of you that yearns to be free, to say, 'What the hell' and just do what you want to do!"

'Life on a Rock' is scheduled to be released on April 30, 2013. In support, Chesney will be touring all over the country in his 'No Shoes Nation' tour which begins in March. Fans can raise their 'pirate flag' right now on AOL Radio's New Country First.

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