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Ke$ha, 'C'Mon' -- New Song


Ke$ha has released 'C'Mon,' her first promotional single from her second studio album 'Warrior.' The single was primarily written by Ke$ha and her normal collaborators, Dr. Luke and Max Martin.

'C'Mon' may not pack as much of a punch as her successful top hit, 'Die Young,' does, but it's another upbeat party anthem from the dance-pop star. It still has all the elements of a Ke$ha hit, with an epic chorus and her typical upbeat, speedy vocals. The electo-pop, dance single is carried by a heavily synthesized beat and Ke$ha's catchy lyrics. The single is typical of her former themes of sex and one-night stands, but is bold and has enough strength to become her latest party hit. She sings in the bridge: "I don't wanna think about what's gonna be after this. I wanna just live right now."

'Warrior' is scheduled to be released in America on December 4th. It is intended to be a "cock rock" album, inspired by 1970s rock music. The artist has also released an illustrated memoir called 'My Crazy Beautiful Life.' Take a listen to 'C'Mon' right now on AOL Radio's New Pop First.

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