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LeAnn Rimes, 'What Have I Done' -- New Song


LeAnn Rimes recently released 'What Have I Done,' a single from her upcoming album 'Spitfire.' The album will be her 14th studio album and if this single is any indication, it may deal with many personal themes. Another one of her singles, 'Borrowed' has already been released to radio stations.

The soft, love ballad deals with the very public split between LeAnn Rimes and her ex-husband Dean Sheremet, who she cheated on with her current husband Eddie Cibrian. Rimes has stated that the song describes her lasting guilt over her actions and the song represents some sort of an apology. The single itself is intimate and acoustic, relying on Rimes' strong voice and vocal harmonies in the powerful chorus. Along with her regret, she discusses her hopes for the future: "I hope you find someone new, someone who's worthy of you. Oh when you look back and I know you will, I hope you find a little good in me still."

Since March, Rimes has been in the studio and has reportedly recorded about fifteen more songs for 'Spitfire,' although a release date is still unknown. For now, you can listen to 'What Have I Done' right now on AOL Radio's New Country First.

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