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Matchbox Twenty, 'Overjoyed' -- New Song


Pop rockers Matchbox Twenty have released their second single off their fourth full-length studio album, 'North.' The single is the follow-up to 'She's So Mean.', which was released in June and became a top 40 hit.

'Overjoyed' is stylistically similar to many of Matchbox Twenty's past music, featuring a soft drum track and a catchy guitar beat. The love ballad is softer than 'She's So Mean' and is simple, but filled with emotion. The song's music video features a married couple and their family, moving in reverse through time to the first time the couple met long ago. The video successfully expresses the theme of the song, of finding love and joy through one's lifetime. Lead singer Rob Thomas emotionally sings in the song: "And if you want we'll share this life/anytime you need a friend, I'm gonna be by your side."

'North' is the first studio album since 2002 by the band and went to number one on the 'Billboard 200'. Matchbox Twenty recently played a few shows in England and more tour dates are expected. For now, check out 'Overjoyed' on AOL Radio's New Pop First.

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