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MKTO, 'Thank You' -- New Song


'Misfit Kids and Total Outcasts' (MKTO) has released their debut single, 'Thank You.' The band is comprised of real-life best friends Tony Oller and Malcom Kelley.

Oller and Kelley previously starred on the TeenNIck series 'Gigantic' and then began making music together and posting videos to YouTube. Later, they teamed up with songwriters Evan Bogart and Eman to work on pop and R&B music. 'Thank You' is a pop anthem for underdogs and is a good indication that MKTO may be one of the biggest breakout acts in 2013. The upbeat song features club-banging beats and is incredibly catchy, especially in the sing-along chorus. The inspirational, teenage angst anthem is more than that; it's a large critique of the world and those in power as the duo sing "Don't tell us how to live our lives." Oller said to Celebuzz that they "wanted to have a song that described our views of our generation. And to describe how we feel about being in the circumstances we are in, thanks to previous generations making mistakes." Malcolm Kelly adds at the end of the song: "It's your world, it's your life, and they ruined it."

MKTO is expected to release a full-length album that will blend many elements together of pop. It is expected to contain both upbeat and slow tunes. For now, fans can enjoy the newest pop anthem 'Thank You' on AOL Radio's New Pop First.

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