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New Boyz, 'Better With the Lights Off' Feat. Chris Brown -- New Song

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New Boyz have teamed up with Chris Brown to release a new single called 'Better With the Lights Off' from their sophomore album, 'Too Cool to Care.'

None of the guys mince words on this track, which talks about meeting attractive girls who are more appealing to Legacy, Ben J and Brown when they're in the dark.

Brown sings the chorus of the song, which plainly states, "Hey shawty, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but you look better with the lights off."

While the ladies may not be pleased to hear these forward lyrics, the tune is all in good fun, and features a poppy track that makes it a perfect, well, top-down summer song.

'Better With the Lights Off' follows New Boyz's 'Break My Bank' and 'Backseat' singles from the duo's second studio album that debuted last month.

In April, California rappers starred in an album-inspired PSA, targeted to teens who may be dealing with bullying or peer pressure. "It's all about promoting self-expression, self-confidence, and we hope that our influence can make a difference. That's the message of 'Too Cool To Care,'" Legacy explains.

Listen to 'Better With the Lights Off' on AOL Radio's New Pop First station.

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