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Olly Murs, 'Heart Skips a Beat' (Feat. Chiddy Bang) -- New Song


Known for his success on season six of The X Factor as the runner-up, Olly Murs has released his first single in the United States. 'Heart Skips A Beat' was remixed for a US release, and the original verse from Rizzle Kicks was replaced with a verse from Chiddy Bang. The new music video was released online on June 1st.

Olly Murs is starting to make a name for himself in the US, especially after gaining even more fame while touring with One Direction. The electronic-pop beat to 'Heart Skips A Beat' provides a dance vibe that gets the body moving. With Murs' unique sounding voice and the minor reggae sound to the instrumentals, 'Heart Skips A Beat' has a different vibe to it that sets it apart from the different pop songs floating around today. That wasn't enough though; Chiddy Bang comes in and provides the hip-hop flow into the song that helps the song branch out even more. The part of the song that really provides the catch is the chorus. "So come on spin me around, now I don't wanna go home. Cause when you hold me like this, you know my heart skips skips a beat." It's the kind of song that gets stuck in your head and needs to be listened to on repeat.

'Heart Skips A Beat' is available on Olly Murs second album, 'In Case You Didn't Know'. The single is available for digital download now. Check out 'Heart Skips A Beat' on AOL Radio's New Pop First station.

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