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OneRepublic, 'If I Lose Myself' -- New Song


OneRepublic released 'If I lose Myself,' the lead single off their upcoming third album, 'Native.' The band previously released 'Feel Again' in August as a promotional single for the highly anticipated album.

After many discussions, OneRepublic unanimously decided to choose 'If I Lose Myself' as their new single. Lead singer Ryan Tedder reiterated his disappointment to Billboard about the big gap between albums, but says he's excited for the changes in the band's music. Tedder added that the band's new model is "let's always keep a fresh flow of ideas--and it keeps you inspired and creative. You're constantly pushing yourself to write and to put out new material." The upbeat song is likely to be worth the wait for fans of the group and is one of their more exciting, dance-worthy releases. It builds off the innovative and clap-worthy, 'Feel Again' with perhaps an even catchier chorus that features strong, well-produced vocals. It's another pop-rock anthem but the band is clearly evolving, as seen in its heavy, electro-synth parts. The lyrics are simple and repetitive, yet evoke an inspirational tone that the band will likely feature on the new album. "I stand up just to see of all the faces, you are the one next to me."

'Native' is expected to be released early in 2013. It will be the band's first album release since 'Waking Up' in 2009. Sing along to 'If I Lose Myself' right now on AOL Radio's New Pop First.

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