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Sean Kingston, 'Rum And Raybans' ft. Cher Lloyd -- New Song

Epic Records

Sean Kingston has released his new single off his upcoming third studio album, 'Back 2 Life.' 'Rum And Raybans' is the second single off the album, and the follow up to the titled track, 'Back 2 Life (Live It Up),' which was released back in June.

Written by Cameron Forbes and produced by The Elev3n and Forbes, 'Rum And Raybans' has the expected characteristics from a Sean Kingston song. The high-energy dance-pop beat mixed with Kingston's Jamaican accented R&B flavor provides a song that is easy to move to and has a party vibe to it. The added elements from rising English pop/hip-hop star, Cher Lloyd, gives fans an added feel to the song with the R&B hip-hop fusion. "I pull up in a mad-flat truck, like a rock star/Feeling like a million bucks/Shades on, drink in my hand/The only thing I need is Rum And Raybans/Rum And Raybans/Rum And Raybans." There's a good mixture in the lyrics showing the party side and the calm and chilled side of the song. It goes to show that a good time can be had no matter the situation.

'Back 2 Life' still has a to-be-announced release date. 'Rum And Raybans' is available for digital download now. Fans can hear 'Rum And Raybans' on AOL Radio's Fresh 40 station.

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