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Soundgarden, 'Been Away Too Long' -- New Song

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Soundgarden has released their first song off of 'King Animal.' The single is fittingly titled 'Been Away Too Long,' as the album is the band's first since 1996. They also released a single for the 'Avengers' soundtrack, titled 'Live To Rise.'

The grunge-rockers have been reunited for some time and have toured around the country. Yet, fans have been eagerly awaiting their next studio album. Unlike 'Live to Rise,' this single is the hard-rocking sound fans are more used to. The energetic tune is driven by hard, strong drums and great guitar riffs, but of course is unique due to lead singer Chris Cornell's incredibly strong and soulful voice. Based on this single, it appears fans will be treated to an album that was well worth the wait. The single is refreshing and hard-hitting with the full, powerful sound that makes Soundgarden one of the best rock bands around.

'Been Away Too Long' will also be the opening track on 'King Animal,' which is scheduled to be released on November 13. You can listen to Soundgarden right now on AOL Radio's New Rock First.

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