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T.I., 'Go Get It -- New Song


T.I., has released the new single off his upcoming 8th studio album, 'Trouble Man.' 'Go Get It' is the follow-up single to 'Love This Life', which was released in the beginning of April. 'Go Get It' was released earlier this month on T.I.'s Facebook account via a YouTube (audio only) video.

Go Get It' was produced by T-Minus, who has produced songs for DJ Khaled, Ludacris, Drake, etc. The production shines through with some reminiscence of 'The Motto' from Drake, and 'I'm On One' from DJ Khaled (both of which were produced by T-Minus). T.I. proves again why three of his last four albums have gone number one on the Billboard charts. "I'm the marathon man, all I do is run s***." He has definitely been one of the heavy hitters in the hip-hop world, even after his year long incarceration. It's tough to argue against five platinum records in ten years. "Get the million bout my business, Bro you know me, you know I be, Stacking that dough that's all I see, I g.o.g.e.t.i.t." T.I.'s confidence in his lyrics has always been one of the strong points in many of his songs, and 'Go Get It' is no exception. The flow, beat, and production definitely suggest that T.I. has another hit on his hands.

Trouble Man' is set for release on September 4th. 'Go Get It' is available now for purchase on iTunes.Fanscan hear 'Go Get It' first on AOL Radio's New Hip-Hop First.

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