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Tamar Braxton, 'Love and War' -- New Song

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Tamar Braxton recently released the lead single from her second album 'Love and War.' The track, which shares the same name as the upcoming album, is generating a lot of buzz from fans, including from Lady Gaga who has tweeted about her love for the single.

Tamar Braxton has sold many records with her R&B group, The Braxtons, and remains an influential singer-songwriter in the R&B field. However, Braxton has only released one solo album, 'Ridiculous,' which came out in 2000. Despite the 13 year wait, fans should expect a promising record. This soul-pop single features Braxton passionately singing about the ups and downs of love. Braxton's voice is powerful and may be her strongest effort to date. The strength of her range is undeniable in the track as she carries the soft ballad from note to note, with the most emphasis on the memorable chorus. "We go so hard, we lose control/the fire stars, then we explode/when the smoke clears, we dry our tears."

The recording of some of the tracks that are expected to be released on the new album have been shown on the WE reality show 'Tamar & Vince.' 'Love and War' is slated for release in February. Take a listen to the album's title track right now on AOL Radio's New R&B First.

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