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The Darkness, 'Everybody Have a Good Time' -- New Song


The Darkness has returned with their first single since 2006, 'Everybody Have a Good Time.' The song is the lead single from their third studio album 'Hot Cakes,' which is their 1st album since 2005.

Glam rockers The Darkness, who are most known for their hit 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love,' have returned with their original lineup for their newest album. This fun-loving track is an exciting bounce-back from The Darkness, following their five year hiatus. Lead vocalist Justin Hawkins said that they "wanted to write the world's simplest, dumbest rock song." Although the song may be considered simple, it definitely has a retro, anthem sound to it, and will remind fans of the band's trademark 1970-like rock sound. The single, which is definitely destined to be a concert favorite, is simply about having a new start, and living out one's dreams. "Come on baby, leave your ego at the door, cause you don't need it anymore."

'Everybody Have A Good Time' debuted in the top 10 of the US Adult album alternative charts. The highly anticipated 'Hot Cakes' is scheduled to be released in America on August 21. You can listen to The Darkness right now on AOL Radio's New Rock First. Fans can also pre-order the album 'Hot Cakes' on iTunes here.

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