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The Saturdays, 'What About Us' -- New Song


English-Irish girl group The Saturdays has released their first North American single, 'What About Us.' Although they have released 14 singles overall, the band produced this first U.S. single to correspond with their upcoming reality show on E! called 'Chasing The Saturdays.'

The dance song is packed with pop, synthetic beats and features a reggae-influenced dialect. The catchy hook and the powerful beats will undoubtedly help The Saturdays make a solid debut in the American market. The song may not be as infectious as some of their UK hits, but the group provides a strong mix of dubstep and pop to make it work. The single, which includes an auto-tune-influenced chorus, describes the singers' pleas for a guy to focus on the relationship. They sing, 'Cause I've been watchin' and waitin.' Why don't you give it or take it?"

Another version of this song features Jamaican star Sean Paul, who gets his own upbeat verse. The television show 'Chasing The Saturdays' is scheduled to debut on January 20. 'What About Us' will be featured on their upcoming fourth studio album, but for now you can check them out right now on AOL Radio's Top Dance.

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