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The Summer Set, 'Boomerang' -- New Song

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Pop-punk band The Summer Set recently released their new single, 'Boomerang,' off their third studio album, 'Legendary.' The band previously released the song 'Maybe Tonight' from the upcoming record.

The Summer Set name drops a bunch of different celebrities in this upbeat pop tune about love. The band, which has a sound similar to bands such as All Time Low, continues to grow and create hook-friendly hits. This catchy track is a great feel-good song for the spring and may help 'Legendary' become the band's biggest album. Lead singer Brian Dales told Billboard that 'Boomerang' is "about promising all of the most outlandish wonders you can for a girl that you love and never giving up on her. Our first record had a great sense of tongue-in-cheek lyrics and energy, and I think this song is a great representative of [The Summer Set] 3.0" The band shows off the energy with lines like "You look so good, I love when people stare. You on my arm tryin' to keep you there."

'Legendary' is scheduled to be released April 16th. You can currently catch the band on the 'Wake Up & Be Awesome Tour' which includes other bands including We Are The In Crowd and For The Foxes. Listen to 'Boomerang' right now on AOL Radio's New Pop First.

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