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The Wanted, 'I Found You' -- New Song


British-Irish boy band The Wanted has released 'I Found You,' their lead single off their upcoming third studio album. The band began working on their third album in late 2011 and it is unclear when it will be released.

The pop stars have gained fame around the world for many of their hits, including their biggest 'Glad You Came.' 'I Found You' was produced by Steve Mac, who also worked on 'Glad You Came' and other songs for the band. The dance single brings in elements of R&B, in addition to synthetic beats which resemble their previous work. The R&B feel gives the song a unique style and shows how the band continues to expand its sound. The band's voices are particularly strong here, especially when the tempo slows for the bridge. The tune, which is quite catchy, is about finding love in difficult or unexpected times. They belt out in the strong chorus: "I found you in the darkest hour, I found you in a pouring rain."

The name of the third album is still to be determined. The album is expected to feature rapper Dappy, LMFAO, and Rita Ora. For now, fans can hear 'I Found You' on AOL Radio's Fresh 40 station.

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