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The Weeknd, 'Wicked Games -- New Song

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R&B Canadian artist The Weeknd has released 'Wicked Games' as a single. The song appeared on the 2011 free mix-tape 'House of Balloons' and is set to be on the debut full-length album 'Trilogy.'

The Weeknd continues to generate fame from the R&B industry, helped out by many collaborations he has done with artists, including Wiz Khalifa and Drake. Drake has quoted lyrics from 'Wicked Games' on Twitter and has linked to his music, which has helped. The Weeknd has received plenty of praise for his three mix-tapes and many songs that he has uploaded to Youtube. In 'Wicked Games,' The Weeknd sounds like Ne-Yo with more of a punch and more profanity. The track is soulful and catchy as The Weeknd sings about sex and drugs. He sings in the song: "Listen ma, I'll give you all I got/Give me all of this, I mean confidence in myself."

'Trilogy' is scheduled to be released on November 13. The album will consist of re-mastered versions of his first 3 mix-tapes, in addition to three new tracks. You can listen to 'Wicked Games' right now on AOL Radio's New R&B First.

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