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Timeflies, 'Swoon' -- New Song

Timeflies Music LLC

American hip-hop and electric duo, Timeflies, has released their latest single, 'Swoon.' The song is already gaining buzz among the college and dance scenes and it may be the young duo's biggest hit yet. It will be featured on their new EP titled 'One Night.'

The pop-rap duo is well known for releasing covers of big hits like Rihanna's 'We Found Love' and Adele's 'Someone Like You.' Now, the two are putting its electronic and mixing skills together for new material. If 'Swoon' is any indication, it appears members Rob Resnick and Cal Shapiro are going to be pleasing crowds for a long time. The single features hooks that make it great for radio and the song is heavy with synthetic beats, making it a likely candidate to be a huge dance/club hit. Behind the catchy, club beats are pop-like hip hop verses that make the duo sound like industry veterans. They rap: "You see, we finally startin' to get it like we should. Like you been playin' lotto for life And it look like you just won."

The duo has already played many sold-out shows in their young career. TImeflies recently set up several tour dates for early 2013 in different areas of the country. They say they will continue to focus on recording and hope to have a new album by the middle of next summer. Check out the exciting, new band right now on AOL Radio's New Pop First.

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