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Toby Keith, 'Hope On The Rocks' -- New Song

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Toby Keith has released 'Hope on the Rocks' as his latest single, which is also the title track of his 16th studio album. His first single 'I Like Girls That Drink Beer' has become a top country hit.

'Hope on the Rocks' was written solely by Keith about a beat-up town that is looking to recover. The ballad is more reflective than some of his other beer-inspired songs on the album, although it is told from the perspective of a bartender. The single may not be as successful as its predecessor, but it does show Keith's strong writing abilities and his maturity on the song that is filled with plenty of melancholy undertones. Keith has referred to the song as "one of my favorite things I've ever written."

The album was released last week, featuring ten tracks all written or co-written by Keith. You can hear his latest right now on AOL Radio's New Country First.

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