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Trinidad James, 'All Gold Everything' -- New Song

Gold Gang Records

Trinidadian American Trinidad James has released his mainstream debut single 'All Gold Everything.' The single was included on his debut mixtape 'Don't Be S.A.F.E.' but Island Def Jam Records recently signed James as part of their artist roster.

James has earned a lot of buzz over his mixtape and mainly for this single. Hip-hop fans have grown fond over the track which includes a popular music video that has helped the song gain traction on the internet. As recently as the spring of 2012, James had managed an Atlanta clothing boutique. This is perhaps where he became obsessed with gold, which is not surprisingly the main theme of the song. The slow, simple beat allows James to describe how he wears gold with everything in flashy rhymes that has some comparing him to 2-Chainz. He sings in the song's catchy hook: "Gold all in my chain / gold all in my ring / gold all in my watch / don't believe, just watch."

'Don't Be S.A.F.E.' was self-released this past October. Fans can listen to 'All Gold Everything' right now on AOL Radio's Top Jams.

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