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ZZ Ward, 'Put the Gun Down' -- New Song


ZZ Ward, considered by many to be one of the most unique new artists, has released 'Put the Gun Down' off her first studio album, 'Til the Casket Drops.' The song was also originally featured on her debut EP, 'Criminal,' released this past May.

ZZ Ward's music sounds like a combination of Adele and The Black Keys, with an unbelievable voice and a modern take on soulful blues music. The young artist has also been compared to Lana Del Rey and even Cee Lo Green, which underscores the impressive and different styles that are shown through much of Ward's music. 'Put The Gun Down' is a catchy rocker featuring a creative blend of pop and blues. The song is like a more fun, boot-stomping version of Adele's, 'Rolling In The Deep.' Ward's music is certainly different than Adele's, albeit just as appealing. The song is filled with soul and dance-floor type beats in the background and Ward blows it away with aggressive, strong vocals. Ward sings about some woman trying to steal her man. "Steal my money, steal my car, don't take my man."

ZZ Ward has recently released a remix of 'Put The Gun Down' featuring Passion Pit. Ward will spend the first few months of 2013 touring many cities in the United States. Take a listen to her latest hit right now on AOL Radio's Pop Mix.

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