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Top 40 Pop Songs Chart -- June 2013


A couple of former Disney stars have grabbed the top spots in June's top 40. Miley Cyrus debuts at the top spot with her club hit 'We Can't Stop.' Cyrus barely held off Selena Gomez, who moved up seven spots to #2. 'Come & Get It' did jump over her friend and another Disney star Demi Lovato who's 'Heart Attack' dropped to #16. Last month's #1, Justin Timberlake fell four spots to #4 with 'Mirrors.'

There was a lot of shuffling in the countdown from May to June, most notably Jason Derulo, who moved up a remarkable 30 spots to close out the top 5. It's his first top 5 since 'In My Head' reached that spot in 2009. Up 26 spots this month is Ke$ha. Her collaboration with called 'Crazy Kids' comes in at #14.'s own single #ThatPower, featuring Justin Bieber climbed 19 spots to fall a few spots shy of Ke$ha at #17.

Additionally, two favorites are back in the top ten with different tunes. Rihanna's ballad 'Stay' premiers this month at #7. Bruno Mars, who has been near the top of the charts with 'Locked out of Heaven' and 'Treasure,' has added another hit to the list. His single 'Treasure' is far from being buried, as it debuts at #9 on the countdown.

June features 15 debuts in total, including a lot of new collaborations to get you ready for summer.

Check out the full top 40 for June below and see what songs are already making cases for being summer anthems.


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Flo Rida, 'Tell Me When You Ready' (Feat. Future) -- New Song


Flo Rida has released his new single 'Tell Me When You Ready.' The song features rapper Future and is the lead single from Flo Rida's upcoming fifth studio album.

Flo Rida is no stranger to hit singles and his latest song will likely get fans pumped for his new record. His latest jam is a radio-friendly upbeat track that should be a good summer club-hit. Following a softer start, the song takes on club-banger status with its pulsating, hip-hop beats. Flo Rida's trademark fast vocals work well here on the cheery beat, as he drops plenty of party rhymes. He raps, "In the club all I see is sparklers like birthday candles, ten models on a regular night." Rapper Future brings his southern rap vocals to the song, changing the hit's pace in the chorus and proudly shouting "Turn up!"

The forthcoming album is expected to be released later in 2013 and is a follow up to Flo Rida's highly successful 'Wild Ones.' Listen to 'Tell Me When You Ready' right now on AOL Radio's New Hip-Hop First.

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Jennifer Lopez, 'Live It Up' (Feat. Pitbull) -- New Song

2101 Records

Jennifer Lopez has once again teamed up with Pitbull for her upcoming eight studio album. 'Live It Up' is the third time these two have collaborated, following 'On the Floor' and Dance Again.' RedOne, who also produced those tracks, took on the same role again for this summer jam.

Like those two hits, these three artists have produced a song that is ready right now to become a dance-fueled summer anthem. Pitbull familiarly introduces the song over pulsating, powerful synth-beats by RedOne. The dance-pop tune will be perfect for the clubs, especially in the infectious and joyful chorus. Lopez is fierce in this track and entertainingly shares many inspirational lyrics in support of her message to 'live it up.' Yet, the song's main, repetitive hook will probably stand out this summer as a voice says, "Make love, don't fight. Let's f**k tonight." That is followed by a noisy, dub-step-like breakdown. 'Live It Up' may be the most successful song of the three that Lopez, Pitbull, and RedOne have produced together. It should be one of the biggest hits of the summer, combining Lopez' charm, Pitbull's signature club voice, and an unforgettable club beat.

Lopez is expected to premier the song for the first time on the finale of Season 12 of 'American Idol,' where she served as a judge for the past two seasons. It is likely both Lopez and Pitbull will follow that performance with their own at the 2013 'Billboard Music Awards.' Lopez' eight studio album is expected to be released at some point this year. Get ready for summer right now and 'Live it Up' on AOL Radio's Fresh 40 station.

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Jason Derulo, 'The Other Side' -- New Song

Warner Brothers

Jason Derulo has released the first single from his upcoming third studio album. 'The Other Side' was reportedly written about his girlfriend Jordin Sparks.

The 23-year-old pop star is well known for hits such as 'Whatcha Say' and 'Ridin Solo.' Like those songs, 'The Other Side' is upbeat and includes memorable, sing-along hooks. The song also has a dance and club vibe to it, helped out by the production of Ammo. Although the song can be adapted as a party song, 'The Other Side' was very personal to Derulo who was feeling thankful after a near-death experience. He told MTV, "I feel like I'm a different person. I'm a little more grown-up, and my music will always match that. So it's a Jason Derulo that is a little more sleek, a little more refined." The track received its joyful and energetic feel from the experience and was also inspired by Sparks. The lyrics specifically discuss a friendship that turns into a relationship, which resembles Derulo's and Sparks' real-life relationship. Derulo sings, "This could be perfect, but we won't know unless we try. I know you're nervous, so just sit back and let me drive."

Derulo and Sparks have reportedly been collaborating on new material that may be on Derulo's upcoming record. The still-unitlted record is scheduled to be released sometime in the summer. Take a trip to 'The Other Side' with Jason Derulo right now on AOL Radio's Fresh 40 station.

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Alicia Keys, 'Tears Always Win' -- New Song


Alicia Keys has released the fifth single off her hit record 'Girl On Fire.' The single 'Tears Always Win' was co-written by Jeff Bhasker and Bruno Mars. Mars also played bass, guitars and provided background vocals on the track.

'Tears Always Win' may be Keys' strongest single since the album's title song. Like 'Girl on Fire,' this ballad is anthemic and dares the listener to rally behind Keys' strong and inspiring voice. Bruno Mars' influence is clear, as the song builds around soft drum and piano beats, and soaring, wind-like sound effects. The tune sounds like it could be a sequel to Mars' 'It Will Rain.' The song's climax is seen in the chorus, where Keys' is helped by background singers, including Mars, as she sings "Once again these tears always win."

Keys is expected to debut the song live this week on American Idol. 'Girl On Fire' hit #1 on the Billboard 200 and charted high in many other countries. Listen to 'Tears Always Win' right now on AOL Radio's New R&B First.

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New Music Releases -- June 2013


Summer tends to bring feelings of nostalgia and this June should be no different, as many artists are releasing albums after a lengthy amount of time off. One of the most exciting releases is the reunion album from Black Sabbath, '13.' It's the band's first album since 1995 and it's the first time in 35 years that Ozzy Osbourne is the lead singer on a Black Sabbath record. The classic heavy metal rockers released 'God Is Dead?' as their first single this past April. Meanwhile, alternative rockers Jimmy Eat World have released 'Damage,' their first record since 2010 and their first release under RCA. Their first single 'I Will Steal You Back' has already begun making its way up the alternative charts.

June should be a great month for some R&B nostalgia as well. Ashanti is scheduled to release her first album since 2008. 'Braveheart' features many collaborations, most notably the album's first single 'The Woman You Love' with Busta Rhymes. R. Kelly, Keyshia Cole, and Meek Mill are just a few of the big names to also contribute to the anticipated album. Additionally, Kelly Rowland will release 'Talk a Good Game' on June 17th. It's Rowland's fourth solo album and includes an impressive list of producers and collaborators. The album's first single 'Ice' features Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa joins Rowland on the song 'Gone.'

It's been a long time since 'MMMBop' but Hanson's still releasing new music. 'Anthem' will be released June 18th and is the band's ninth studio album. Joining them this month, is current boy-band and teenage sensations Big Time Rush. The band's third studio album is titled '24/Seven' and features the promotional single 'Like Nobody's Around.' The band became heavily involved in the songwriting process for this album, writing dozens of songs that were considered.

Take a look below at the full list of new releases for June 2013, which includes many more of your favorites.


Top 40 Pop Songs Chart -- May 2013


Justin Timberlake is back all right. 'Mirrors,' a mid-tempo love ballad, takes the top spot in the month of May. The song is undoubtedly the stand-out track on Timberlake's new studio album 'The 20/20 Experience.' Looking over his shoulder is Demi Lovato who dropped from the top spot to #3 with 'Heart Attack.' Macklemore has proven 'Thrift Shop' wasn't a fluke as the rap star has found his way to #2 with 'Can't Hold Us,' which features Ray Dalton. The song was also the biggest jump this month, advancing 13 spots.

15 songs, making up more than a third of the countdown, were premiers this month. The highest debut came from Anna Kendrick. Her single 'Cups' was featured in the film 'Pitch Perfect and premiers here at #8. Right below her is Selena Gomez, who has also been on the big screen lately, starring in 'Spring Breakers.' Her feel-good track 'Come and Get It' has hints of reggae and euro-dance and shows the young star's rapid maturation.

Avril Lavigne made a return to the top 40 for the first time since 2011 with her hit 'Here's to Never Growing Up.' The song, which debuts at #14, is her first appearance since 'What The Hell' hit the top ten in 2011.

Just entering the countdown are some recently-released collaborations. Daft Punk enters at #39 with 'Get Lucky,' a funky track that features smooth vocals from Pharrell Williams. Right behind those two, is Ke$ha, who teamed up with for her latest single 'Crazy Kids.' You'll have to tune into June's list to see how far these songs can climb up the charts.

Check out the full top 40 for May below:


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