How To Fix Subwoofer Popping When Turned On Issue?

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If you are trying to build a music system at your place, a speaker is one of the very basic components you might have added to your list. No matter for what reason you are building your music set-up for, good bass is the primary requirement most of the time.

Designed to deliver low frequencies, subwoofers allow you not just to listen but feel the music. It improves your overall audio system. It is easy to install and operate. Now you have added a subwoofer to your music system, and it is playing well.

After a while, your subwoofer might start popping out when turned on. You don’t need to blame a subwoofer for that. Also, you don’t need a technician every time to fix it. By using some tricks, you can fix it on your own. In this guide, I am going to discuss how to fix a subwoofer popping when turned on?


When you install your new subwoofer, you might get to see a pop-up when turning the key on, off, or even both. Sometimes you may observe a pop-up while changing inputs on your receiver too.

There might be so many different reasons for subwoofer popping.

  • It might be due to amp ground, bad amp, or wrong order of turning on or off an amp.
  • Usually, we turn on the subwoofer before turning on a device we are operating our subwoofer with. It includes TV, radio, laptop, etc. It causes inrush current to already turned on the amp of the subwoofer causing it to pop out. Sometimes your amp might be faulty too.
  • When we turn off the system, we usually turn off our radio or TV before turning off the subwoofer. Due to which an amp of subwoofer receives signals while turning off. It gets amplified, and your subwoofer pops out.
  • A subwoofer reproduces the signals received from an audio-video receiver. Sometimes the receiver might lose its signal. The pre-out jacks of a subwoofer should be muted if this happens.
  • If any of its pre-out jack is not muted long enough, you might hear your subwoofer popping out while changing the inputs or listening modes. This might happen due to the failed diode or circuit in the receiver.
  • In that case, servicing a receiver is the best solution, but before going through all the hassles, you can try these tricks to repair the subwoofer on your own.

How to fix a subwoofer popping when turned on?

1. Disable The Auto On Setting

The auto-on feature is used to turn on the subwoofer automatically when it detects an input signal. This auto-on mode reduces power consumption and, in turn, decreases internal heating.

But some issues occur in the auto-on circuitry that leads to this popping sound.

If your subwoofer is in auto-on mode, then chances are there for this popping sound. So the solution for this is to switch to power mode from auto-on.

2. Turn off your AV receiver and amplifier

Your AV receiver or amp that is connected to your subwoofer can send unwanted signals to your subwoofer. So disconnect the RCA cable from the receiver or the amp and then look if the problem is solved. If the popping sound stops, then the receiver or amp might be the cause of the problem. Also, it is recommended to connect your subwoofer with a different signal source and check whether the issue repeats it.

3. FIX the Wireless Subwoofer Interference

Wireless interference occurs when the signals coincide and negatively affect each other and disrupt or weaken the Wifi signal. This might be due to the signals that are emitted by the different devices in your house.

To fix this problem, you can move the subwoofer to a different place and see whether the popping sound stops. Or move your Wifi device to your different place. You can also use a Wifi shield to shield your sub from surrounding devices.

4. Receiver consumes too much power

If your receiver consumes too much power, then your speakers connected via it also draw high power. Over time, this causes the popping sound issue.  So to fix this issue, buy a good external amplifier that can handle the power correctly.


You don’t need to run every time to the manufacturer or shopkeeper to fix small technical issues like popping. Most of the time, something minor like the delay of a signal could be the reason for the popping of your subwoofer that can be fixed on your own. This guide will help you to find the answer to how to fix a subwoofer popping when turned on? 

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