Top 10 Usher Songs

Usher was American Singer and Songwriter steps into the music career at the age of 12 and he released his first album named ’Usher’ in 1994. 

‘Usher’ albums get fame by the chain of different emotions like first love, illegal affairs, heartbreaks, cursing women, and Confession makes Usher single reach worldwide.

By producing a series of Successful albums Usher as become the well-known performer in R&B and he sold over 40 million albums throughout the world. 

Usher not only won the people’s hearts, but he also won the Five Grammy Award and other Respectable Music Awards.

Usher released a lot of great albums but we pick the 10 songs as per the AOL Radio listeners to present the list of Top 10 Usher Songs of all time.

‘You Make Me Wanna’

You Make Me Wanna’ single is published on August 12, 1997. This song compose with R&B, Soul, and Pop Elements to Portrait the problems of Triangle Love Relation.

‘You Make Me Wanna’ become a massive hit and break the record in Billboard Music Award, also won the Soul train Music award and nominated for Grammy Awards.

‘U Remind Me’

 ‘U Remind Me’ sung by Usher and written by other artists published on May 19, 2001. This song  Archives Usher’s the first Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance in 2002.

‘U Remind Me’ single portrait the tale of a man who likes a woman, but won’t get serious with her because she looks too much like one of his ex-girlfriends.

‘Nice and Slow’

Usher’s second album ‘My Way’ releases the single ‘Nice & Slow’ in 1998. This song composed of a romantic theme with R&B, Pop and Soul infusion.

‘Nice & Slow’ is the First Usher’s song takes the No:1 position in Billboard Hot 100 and helps for the growth of Usher’s Fame. this famous song produced by L.A Reid, Babyface and Dupri.


‘Papers’ single is the debut track released in Usher’s sixth studio album ‘Raymond V. Raymond’, this single was wrote by Usher’s itself.

‘Papers’ single compose to portrait the marriage life between Usher and His Ex-wife. The word ‘Papers’ symbolize the divorce application. This song becomes the Usher’s 10th No:1 song ion the table.

‘U Got it Bad’

Here, ‘U Got It Bad’ Lyric created by Usher, Jermaine Dupri, and Bryan-Michale Cox. These lyrics portrait Usher’s feelings, like the memories of the previous lover comes back when he spends time with other girls.  

‘U Got It Bad’ produced by co-producer of the latter. This single become viral and spread across the countries.

‘Confessions Part II’

‘Confessions Part II’ is the continuity of ‘Confessions Part I’ about a one-night story. This song says about Usher confess that he impregnated a  stranger mistress to his lady.

‘Confessions Part II’ composed in the R&B genre by the expert in this field. This Usher song was ranked in the list of top R&B of the Decade


Usher’s ‘Burn’ single featured in ‘Confession’ album in 2004. This song inspired by the heartbreak story between Usher and the older women Amy Lewis. 

‘Burn’ single reveals that he regrets the breakup decision. Usher describer his feeling with the word ‘Burn’ and the scare didn’t vanish.

‘Love In This Club Part II’

This is the remix of the original, ‘Love In This Club’, and features Lil Wayne and Beyoncé. ‘Love In This Club II’ is the lead of ‘Love In This Club’ by famous previous collaboration.

This song appears on the Billboard Hot 100 and Canadian Hot 100 song, ‘Love In This Club II’ which receives the Golden certificate from the RIAA.

‘My Boo’

‘My Boo’ is a Duet song between Usher and Alicia Keys that have been released in the ‘Confession’ album in 2004, but Usher considered Beyoncé.

‘My Boo’ tune made up of R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop Soul. this song features the conversation Between Usher and Alicia Keys who been played as an Ex-couple with the past.

Usher sang the lingering feeling part of the past while Alicia Keys sing the importance and impression of first love.

‘Here I Stand’

In 2007 this sensual slow-tempo ballad was playing at Usher’s wedding. But the track wasn’t written for that occasion. Usher penned it a long gap before the engagement. 

In this song, a man gives a woman his words, that he will be there for her. This completes Usher’s range of love songs, by marking the end of meeting a woman in a club and asking for her name. And that’s why this tune, “Here I stand” is our No.1 song.

What Are Your Top Usher Songs?

Tell us what would make your list of the Best Usher Songs in the comments. Then read our lists of the Top R&B Songs of the Decade and the Top 10 Beyonce Songs.

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