How To Use Alexa As a Speaker

Amazon's Alexa is not solely a voice assistant that can help you in your day-to-day life. It comes with awesome quality Amazon Echo speakers, which can be used as any other speaker that can be operated using Bluetooth connectivity.

These Alexa echo smart portable speakers can be connected to your mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and literally any device having Bluetooth. Moreover, having these echo smart speakers with Alexa is helpful as unlike other Bluetooth speakers, you can control it using your voice and touch too.

However, here is the catch: you can’t simply grab any echo smart speaker as the quality of the speaker differs depending on its usage. We would recommend you to go for Alexa echo dot if you require it regularly as a voice assistant. 

Furthermore, if you have a medium-sized room, and prefer satisfactory sound quality, go for the second generation echo. Lastly, the Amazon Echo plus would be splendid for bigger rooms and high-quality sound.

Alexa also has the ability to control your Bluetooth-linked devices. Not much as you might be thinking, but limited to play, pause, mute, skip, and more such minute controls.


You can use Alexa as a speaker by just pairing your Alexa with any Bluetooth-enabled device. So how to put Alexa in pairing mode. Well, here are some easy steps you should follow to put Alexa in pairing mode.


Make sure the echo speaker, as well as your device, is not too far from each other.


If Alexa is already connected to any other device, simply use the command “Alexa, disconnect” so it can pair easily with your device.


On your tablet, mobile phone, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device, turn on Bluetooth and set it into pairing mode.


Once again, we have to command Alexa to pair with your device using the command “Alexa, pair”. In response, you will hear “Searching….”.


On your mobile phone or tablet Bluetooth settings, you will see Alexa’s name for pairing. Click on it and a successful connection will be made.


You can also use the command “Alexa, pair with (Device name)” if the device gets disconnected in between.


Those mere Bluetooth speakers are not for you if you expect something that you can control and order. And for that, you need Amazon's echo smart speakers with voice assistant Alexa. You can use it as a speaker, control it using voice and what not. Now that you know how to use it as a speaker and pair it, you can enjoy your favorite music with amazing sound quality. Did you learn how to use Alexa as a speaker? Comment below if you did!

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