Which End Of Guitar Strap Goes Where

which end of guitar strap goes where

A question pondered by many, answered by a few. Well, maybe. It seems to be one of those questions that people are very hesitant to ask simply because there is a societal expectation (within the guitar community) that they ought to already know the answer to such a question i.e. which end of guitar strap goes where.

Well, this page right here is what some people may call a Safe Space; you are free to ask any and every question. Jokes aside, beginners often ponder over this and I am here to answer it.

 guitar straps

Before we answer the main question, let us talk a little about straps:

Guitar straps are a necessary addition to the arsenal of any guitarist. Whether you play the bass, acoustic or the electric guitar, if you wanna play whilst standing, then you need to
get a Guitar strap. Some might argue you actually can play the guitar while standing up without a strap and yes you can.

Just like how you can light a fire with a stick and stone but why bother when lighters have been invented. I just used that example to be a smart mouth. No, you cannot practically play the guitar while standing up. It is going to be extremely uncomfortable and you will focus more on making sure it does not fall than playing your music.

which end of guitar strap goes where

Straps come in all shapes and sizes. well, mostly just the strap shape. There are several factors to consider while getting a strap

  • Comfort it offers.
  • The material it is made of.
  • Length of the strap.
  • Locking mechanism.
Note:  Before strapping your guitar, you need to check how many strap buttons provided in your guitar. If your guitar got no strap button then study strap button article to lay strap buttons in your guitar.

which end of the guitar strap goes where?

Lets again return to the main question: which end of the guitar strap goes where? The answer is it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it is securely set in its place and you feel comfortable while playing your guitar.

You can always take into account the instructions provided by the manufacturer. They usually include which side of the guitar strap goes where. Like I mentioned above, which part goes where is pretty subjective. However, a rule of thumb is, the wide part of your strap rests on your shoulder while the narrow goes across your back.

That makes sense to me and that is how I wear it. Many of my students wear it in the exact opposite way. They say that way is more comfortable for them; subjectivity strikes again.

if your guitar has a two strap button

Below I will tell you “which end of guitar strap goes where” when your guitar has two strap buttons:

If you have been around guitars and I am guessing that by now, you have been around quite a lot of them. You must have noticed they are quite different. Acoustics are big but lightweight, electric are slim but heavy. One requires an amp while the other does not.

These are some major differences that anyone can easily point out. There are some subtle differences as well. One such example is that of Strap buttons or Strap Pins. A strap button is a metal stud located right at the heel of the lower bout of the guitar. In simple terms, at the guitar’s butt. While some guitars have only one strap button, there are some that have two. This other strap button is located at the base of the neck, the fattest area of the neck.

It is pretty simple to attach a strap if your guitar has two strap buttons. The strap has two ends and each one has a hole. Insert the buttons into each hole. Which side of the guitar strap goes where? Entirely up to you. Whichever feels comfortable, go with that.

Sometimes, the strap may pop out. That is alright; happens to the best of us. Here’s what you can do:

- Add a strap lock.
- Wrap the end with a rubber band after attaching the strap.


if your guitar only has a single strap button

Many guitars have only a single strap button located at the heel of the lower bout. This is an age-old tradition that is carried forth. Old acoustics used to have only one hole for strap pins. Anyways, you can always just drill in another hole and add another strap pin but I suppose that is not for everyone.

Some people are not very good with drills; maybe you do not have a drill or perhaps your guitar is an old vintage that you wish to preserve as best as possible. Whatever your hustle is, do not fret. There are ways around it.

All you have to do is tie one end of the strap to the headstock. Okay, so in order to do this, you must have:

1. A strap (obviously).
2. A strong shoelace.

(Some straps already have built-in lace but if yours does not, the shoelace will do the trick).

So, what you now have to do is pretty easy. Take the shoelace, make sure it is securely underneath the strings (at the headstock), loop it around the headstock, double knot for safety and then tie it up with the guitar strap. After that, you can adjust the length of the strap according to comfort.


Points to remember

  • Make a habit of checking your guitar strap after installing.
  • Do not start playing instantly.
  • After attaching the strap, give it a pull and let the guitar hang down (with your hands underneath it in case anything goes wrong).


Coming back to the main question, which end of guitar strap goes where? Well, as I said before, it is entirely subjective. The entire point of a strap is to support your guitar, let it hang without your hands touching it. The strap will do its job no matter where which part goes.

What matters is if you feel comfortable whilst using it or not. Adjust the length to a decent position, somewhere between comfort and cool. I personally make sure that the wide part is on my shoulder whilst the narrow goes across the back but that’s just my personal preference. What is yours?

Hope this article helped solve your query. Happy playing!

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