YG, ‘Toot It and Boot It’ — New Song

‘Toot It and Boot It’ is the debut single from Los Angeles hip-hop sensation YG, who the L.A. Weekly credits with providing an unofficial soundtrack for the city’s booming “jerkin” dance and fashion movement.

The appeal of ‘Toot It and Boot It’ lies not so much in the lyrics — as you can imagine the oft-repeated phrase is a euphemism for making love — but rather in the heavy bass groove and laid back, the half-sung vocal delivery of YG.

It’s clearly perfect for the skinny-jeans, bright color-wearing jerk dance movement, which you can learn all about here.

YG is currently working on his full-length debut album, which is expected later this year. Tune into AOL Radio’s New Hip-Hop First station to hear ‘Toot It and Boot It’ for yourself

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