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MassMutual 'Entrepreneur' Commercial -- What's the Song?

Donovan Catch the WindMassMutual Financial's 'Entrepreneur' television advertisement features the Donovan chestnut 'Catch the Wind.' The song was the British folk singer's first single, released in 1965, and can be found on the album 'What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid,' as well as various compilations.

The gentle acoustic ballad serves as the soundtrack for a businessman's decision to give up late hours away from his family in favor of his own, home-run company complete with a crayon and construction paper "Daddy's Office" sign made by his children: "To feel you all around me / And to take your hand along the sand / Ah, but I may as well try to catch the wind."

Donovan will be performing at select festivals across the world this summer, and is reportedly working on a new album entitled 'Ritual Groove.' You can check out the commercial below and listen to 'Catch the Wind' on AOL Radio's Songwriters station.

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