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Top Rock Songs of 2010

It's easy to assume that the top rock songs of 2010 are comprised of angry, aggressive singles, but this year was actually marked by a mix of irate tracks, heartfelt ballads and straightforward rock tunes. There's something here for any degree of rock fan, and some may be surprised to find out who made the final list. Check out the best of the genre below, as voted by AOL Radio listeners.
'Bittersweet Memories'
The Welsh rockers slow things down with this tension-filled ballad from their third studio album, 'Fever.' The song describes a difficult breakup about which frontman Matthew Tuck sings, "Take the ashes from the floor / Bury them to just make sure / That nothing more is left of me / Just bittersweet memories."
Bullet For My Valentine Bittersweet Memories
'Porn Star Dancing'
These Toronto natives made a huge impact with their debut single, and with a name like 'Porn Star Dancing,' it's not hard to understand why. The salacious song peaked at No. 1 on the Top Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in the U.S., and both Ludacris and Chad Kroeger, who discovered the band, appear in its music video.
My Darkest Days Porn Star Dancing
'Shoot It Out'
The first single from 10 Years' fifth studio album, 'Feeding the Wolves,' is about a man who says "fame has lost its attraction," and is willing to die to preserve his integrity. The Howard Benson-produced song hit the airwaves in July, and peaked at No. 6 on the Top Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.
10 Years Shoot It Out
The first official single from Escape the Fate's self-titled album made a fall debut, and is still holding strong on the charts. The Las Vegas natives are ever-so-oppressed in the song, singing, "These issues pin me to the floor / These issues are my overlord / I feel so dominated / These issues they choke me like a noose."
Escape the Fate Issues
'Say You'll Haunt Me'
Stone Sour's guitar-laden love song is the band's first single in three years, and eventually hit No. 1 on Billboard's Top Rock Songs chart. The major accomplishment has extra meaning for frontman Corey Taylor who said, "I put my heart into it because the lyrics are about my wife and how I feel about my wife." That's an immortalized valentine that no one can deny.
Stone Sour Say You'll Haunt Me
'Far From Home'
'Far From Home' is the sixth single off Five Finger Death Punch's politically-driven 2009 album, 'War Is the Answer,' which was produced by Kevin Churko, the man behind Ozzy Osbourne's 'Black Rain.' The heartfelt song begins as an acoustic number, blossoming into an intense rock song, defined by an emotional electric guitar solo.
Five Finger Death Punch Far From Home
'Hold On'
In October, All That Remains released 'Hold On' as the first single from the Massachusetts rockers' fifth studio album. The band holed up at Zing Studios in their home state, and recorded the fed-up track with Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, who produced the entirety of 'For We Are Many.' In just two short months, the song has become our No. 3 rock song of 2010.
All That Remains Hold On
Lead singer M. Shadows happily welcomes an evildoer to his new digs -- either hell or a mental home, hard to tell. He gives a full rundown of the pain that awaits on the churning verses, then uses the deceptively angelic, soaring choruses to remind the villain that their arrival is, well, their own fault.
Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare
'Another Way to Die'
The anti-pollution message of Disturbed's first single from their upcoming 2010 album 'Asylum' couldn't be more timely, in light of the Gulf of Mexico's recent environmental disaster. The song's tightly coiled, urgent musical delivery gives the message even more weight. Too bad heavy metal can't plug a leaky well.
Jacoby Shaddix makes no bones about wanting to see his cheating lover go up in flames for her wrongdoing. "I'll be ignited when I get to watch you burn, burn, burn," he sings, illustrating a concept so resonant that the single from the band's seventh album has become the No. 1 entry on our Top Rock Songs of 2010.
Papa Roach Burn

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